Abby’s Letters | A Review | Debut Author!

I am so excited to be sharing this review with you today! I am good friends with the author of this novel, and it’s been such a great experience seeing this story come together. Continue reading “Abby’s Letters | A Review | Debut Author!”


Life and Reading Update

Hello my friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here on this blog. The past year was a crazy whirlwind of travel and adventure. Things were too hectic to keep up with this blog, but things have slowed down for awhile, so I figured I’d slowly start this blog back up!  Continue reading “Life and Reading Update”

Cover Reveal! | HER

Hello all!

Today, I was notified by Oftomes Publishing of a newly released cover for a short ghost story they are publishing later this year!

I’m joining many others and sharing the revealed cover of HER by Danielle Rose (author of Blood Rose) here on Pondering Prose! This sounds like such a great read, and it comes out in just a few months on September 19!

Without further adieu, the cover!  Continue reading “Cover Reveal! | HER”

New Author and Her Book! | Feature

Good morning everyone!

First of all, I’m back! Yippee! It’s been awhile, but I just couldn’t stay away any longer. I have so many things to share about what I’ve been reading in the past year! I have so many posts to share in the upcoming weeks that I’m really excited about! I’ll be doing a bit of an update post later, but for today I want to share about an upcoming author and her newly released novel!

This is so special to me because the author of this book is a friend of mine!  Continue reading “New Author and Her Book! | Feature”